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Subject: DSS Protocol

Dear all,

Few years ago we have developed security solution and now we want to
migrate our proprietary message formats and protocols to standard
formats and communication protocols between components.

Architecture we want is:
Our Java Applet on user side digitally signs some data using smart
card and produce digital signature in standardized format (e.g.
XMLDsig, PKCS#7).
Customer Application server reads that digital signature. Applet and
Application server communicate trough HTTPS and at this moment message
format doesn't matter. Application server needs to validate digital
signature on our Validation server.
Validation server is web service and we want to use more specific
protocol for digital signature besides SOAP. We would like to avoid
our proprietary WSDL if it's possible.
Also, we have solution for signing files and of course Validation
server can validate that signature as well. We want to use the same
digital signature format (e.g. XMLDsig) and protocol for digital
signing and verifying data and files (e.g. OASIS DSS protocol).
OASIS DSS is more orientated to signing and verifying on server side,
but we would like to use this protocol in our case also.

Is there some WSDL for OASIS DSS?
Is there some Java provider or something so we can start developing
web service interface in Java on our Validation server?

Thank you in advance!


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