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Subject: Defining URIs ?

Dear all,


I’m currently working with Oasis DSS and I have a few questions.

I’m using an already existing signing server and we want it to be compliant with Oasis DSS. The problem is that the set of errors returned by this server is very specific and does not match with those defined by the Core or the profiles.


So, I’d like to know what are exactly the possibilities for me to work with DSS because the URIs defined aren’t detailed enough. I know we can’t define URIs for ResultMajor because URIs MUST be values defined by this specification or by some profile of this specification, but what about ResultMinor or DetailType ?

Should we define our own URIs to be used with ResultMinor ? If yes, what are the restrictions to do so ? What are you recommending ?


Furthermore, is there any set of request/response that could be used as examples/tests ?


Thank you in advance,




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