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Subject: Re: [dss-dev] Data format guessing of data within Base64Data tag

Hi Daniel,

Actually, the more I think the less I am sure there is such a big ambiguity...in the text :

"<Base64Data> [Optional]
This contains a base64 encoding of data that are not XML."

I do not see much place for such an ambiguity: it says that this element contains base64-encoded data that **is not** XML...to me this is the same as saying that the data **must not be** XML....there is not any "should not", which would have allowed this to be XML....so if the encoded data **is** XML then it breaks the requirement expressed in this sentence, which, as I understand is not a recommendation (no should) or an alternative. I do not see where this sentence leaves place to think that one may include data that is XML in a way that does not break this requirement...

A different story, as I mentioned, is the alignment of the processing against this sentence.....


Juan Carlos.

Then the ambiguity lies in 2.4.2. For what I understand, the <Base64Data> tag is defined for everything that is not _necessarily_ XML.
<Base64XML> seems specially designed for XML while <Base64Data> is just for plain data. I don't see the rule that enforces mutual exclusion between both tags.

IMHO, if there is not "MUST NOT" in the definition and also there is no checking step defined in the processing, the simplest thing is not to parse the octet stream.

Kind regards,
Daniel M. Lambea

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