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Subject: DSS and PAdES

Hi all,

I am interested in best practices/guidelines for supporting PDF and,
more specifically, PAdES signatures using DSS. I found this message
[1] in the archives which pointed to the DSS-X TC. DSS-X introduced
the visible signature profile, which is a great addition with respect
to PDF signing using DSS, but as far as I understood the DSS-X TC has
not revised the abstract DSS Core profile in the sense that explicit
support for PDF/PAdES signatures would have been added.

I was wondering if some publicly available guidelines or best
practices exist for using DSS in combination with PDF/PAdES
signatures? Are there any plans to augment the Core profile? While it
is certainly possible to use it already, explicit support would
probably foster interoperability between different solutions. Right
now, full PAdES support would probably require an additional concrete
profile, which currently would most likely be solution-specific.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and comments,
Martin Boßlet

[1] https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dss-dev/200707/msg00000.html

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