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Subject: Re: Fwd: DSS and PAdES

Hello Martin,

as additional hint for a workaround:

The AdES profile "Advanced Electronic Signature
Profiles of the OASIS Digital Signature Service Version 1.0" (http://docs.oasis-open.org/dss/v1.0/oasis-dss-profiles-AdES-spec-v1.0-os.html) currently only applies to XAdES and CAdES, **but** as the AdES URI's are often used for PAdES (as well in commercial products) to be able to specify what type of PAdES is required, in the meantime this is a possible work-around.

Hope this helps,

Am 18.11.13 13:28, schrieb Stefan Drees:
Hello Martin,

sorry for answering now and not earlier, but discussions profit from
taking some time :-)

The TC has discussed the matter and in the meantime has analyzed, that
either the DSS core specification must be ammended with an additional
section on PDF signatures (as well as the AdES profile) or a new PAdES
profile must be created.

I hope this helps. I will answer Thomas' mail along the same lines just
to make sure all dsicussion threads are in sync.

All the best,

Am 07.10.13 01:20, schrieb Martin Boßlet:
Hello Stefan,

was it possible to discuss PAdES integration during the last
conference call?

Thanks a lot in advance,

2013/8/27 Stefan Drees <stefan@drees.name>:
Hello Martin,

au contraire, we are sorry to not have answered earlier.

We are in the midst of a summer break with the committee activities.

The next conference call is September, 9th from 1800 CEST when we will
discuss your comments, suggestsions and questions.

All the best and again sorry for not responding earlier.

Stefan Drees
Co-Chair of DSS-X

Am 24.08.13 00:25, schrieb Martin Boßlet:

Hello Juan, hello Stefan,

sorry for addressing you directly! I sent a mail (included at the end
for reference) to the old dss-dev mailing list a few weeks ago, but
never heard back. I'm afraid the mailing list might no longer be
active and therefore I wanted to try this way. I apologize in advance
if there actually is a well-suited mailing list that I could have
addressed instead - if so, please tell me, I'd be happy to re-post my
question there. Otherwise, I would greatly appreciate any comments or

Thank you in advance,
Martin Boßlet

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Martin Boßlet <martin.bosslet@gmail.com>
Date: 2013/8/3
Subject: DSS and PAdES
To: dss-dev@lists.oasis-open.org

Hi all,

I am interested in best practices/guidelines for supporting PDF and,
more specifically, PAdES signatures using DSS. I found this message
[1] in the archives which pointed to the DSS-X TC. DSS-X introduced
the visible signature profile, which is a great addition with respect
to PDF signing using DSS, but as far as I understood the DSS-X TC has
not revised the abstract DSS Core profile in the sense that explicit
support for PDF/PAdES signatures would have been added.

I was wondering if some publicly available guidelines or best
practices exist for using DSS in combination with PDF/PAdES
signatures? Are there any plans to augment the Core profile? While it
is certainly possible to use it already, explicit support would
probably foster interoperability between different solutions. Right
now, full PAdES support would probably require an additional concrete
profile, which currently would most likely be solution-specific.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and comments,
Martin Boßlet

[1] https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dss-dev/200707/msg00000.html

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