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Subject: Re: [dss-x-comment] DSS-X support in Ascertia ADSS Signing Server

Hi Juan,

Yes, it would be nice to see an interoperability event for DSS-X. We are already participating in ETSI CAdES/XAdES/PAdES plugtests and we would also be interested in participating in DSS-X plugtests when they are scheduled.
Head of Development | Ascertia Limited | www.ascertia.com
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On 7/20/2012 8:10 PM, Juan Carlos Cruellas wrote:
Dear Yasir,

Thank you very much indeed for your message. Indeed it is very encouraging for the TC to be aware of the implementaiton of the specifications it produces.

From what you mention, maybe it could be of your interest that the TC is presently working in preparing a remote interoperability test event on the specifications produced by this TC....

Best regards and once again, thank you very much for your kind message

Juan Carlos Cruellas.
El 20/07/2012 15:12, Yasir Khan escribió:

I would like to share with the DSS-X TC that "Ascertia ADSS Signing
Server" implements the following DSS-X profiles:

*1- *OASIS DSS v1.0 Profile for Comprehensive Multi-Signature
Verification Reports Version 1.0
2- **Visible Signature Profile of the OASIS Digital Signature Services
Version 1.0**

Our implementation covers major part of both of above profiles. We have
not implemented few parts from the profiles because they were not needed

as per our current scope. I hope this information would be useful for
the DSS-X TC. The link to the product information page is:


If you have any specific questions or comments then feel free to ask.

Head of Development | Ascertia Limited |www.ascertia.com
Skype: quaidian | L: +92 42 35781933 | M: +92 300 4848276

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