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Subject: Re: [dss-x-comment] dss verification report - attribute certificate - inconsistent spec

Dear Emanuel Jank,

On 2013-07-26 10:39 +02:00, Mr. Emanuel Jank (given family) wrote:
Dear Sir or Madam,

my question refers to
paragraph * AttributeCertificateValidityType*. Here the
complexType AttributeType is specified as: **

<complexType name="AttributeType">


<element name="Type" type="anyURI" />

<element name="Value" type="dss:AnyType" maxOccurs="unbounded"
minOccurs="0" />



In the XSD the AttributeType is specified in a different way. There its
written, that the element Type is vr:VerificationResultType.

Could you please fix that deviation within the specs in the next
version? From my point of view, the VerificationResultType doesn’t make
any sense.

Thank you for the comment!
The DSS-X Technical Committee will process this comment and we will respond back to you soon.

Best Regards,
Stefan Drees, Co-Chair DSS-X


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