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Subject: DSS2 SignatureActivationData (ETSI STF 539)



We are working in the ETSI STF 539 about protocols for server signing and have a question about the SignatureActivationData (SAD) element in DSS2.


This element is defined to only contain a string value, meaning that the SAD can be in any shape or form. How would the DSS service know what kind of SAD is provided? Would it make sense to include an attribute on the SAD element that can be used as a hint to the DSS service on how the SAD should be interpreted? Perhaps a simple type/issuer/provider/format attribute on the SAD?


Best regards,

Hälsningar/Regards/Grüße - Henrik


Henrik Löfgren, CTO
Tel: +46 (0)31 13 53 15 Mobile: +46 (0)768 15 98 11



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