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Subject: Re: [dss-x-comment] Additional comments on DSS-X core v2.0 CS

Dear Juan Carlos,

the TC has received your comment and will kindly consider them.

Thank you for taking the time to proide the feedback.

On behalf of the OASIS DSS-X TC

Stefan Hagen, Co-Chair

Am 25.10.18 um 11:52 schrieb Juan Carlos Cruellas:
Dear DSS-X TC,

While re-reading  DSS-X core v2.0 I have hit a couple of issues that I
would like to share with you.

1.  Clause 4.1.7. Component Result.

URIs for result major are given without a single explanation.
Additionally, no URNs are given for result minor. This clause seems to
underspecify the Result component. Could you please consider the
possibility of incorporating in this clause all the contents related to
URNs for result major and result minor present in DSS core v1.0? I do
not see any reason for dropping them, as this could be interpreted as a
voluntary wish of the committee to deprecate the aforementioned URNs
and/or change their semantics, giving place to a backwards compatibility

2. Clauses and XML and JSON of AdditionalKeyInfo.
Several comments here.

a. There seems to be a mismatch between the XML and JSON schema pieces
in these clauses and the contents of the XML and JSON schema files
provided separatedly. In these files, both the XML and the JSON types
contain components for including OCSP responses. However in the pieces
in the word document, such components do not appear.

b. In the JSON schema dss2-AdditionalKeyInfoType contains two components
that seem to be related with OCSP somehow, namely: "ocspresponse" and
"ocsp", both of base64 data type....as there is not any further
explanation, it is difficult to conclude what must placed within each
component. In addition to that, the XML schema only provides one
component for carrying OCSP related material, the OCSPResponse. This
leads me to think that maybe in the JSON schema there is a duplication
of components and only one of the aforementioned should be kept.

c. Clause 4.3.28 does not mention neither any component for transporting
OCSP responses nor component for POEs. I think that an specification of
the contents of the component for OCSP responses, and also for the POEs
should be added.

Best regards

Juan Carlos Cruellas.

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Stefan Hagen
talk: eventually

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