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Subject: Re: [dss-x-comment] comments on the evidence profile draft

HI Tobias,

see my respones to your remarks below:
1. What's 'TransformedData' good for? RFC 6283 does not mention any document transformation.
The transformation is not part of the evidence record processing but a part of DSS-X document retrieval process. E.g. identifying an evidence record included in a bigger XML document, like a XAdES artefact.
2. Valid Results URLs have unexpected paths. One does nor include ':signature:' whta really would make sense to me.resultminor:valid:NotAllDocumentsProtected

Im not completely convinced but also don't strong objections. The value 'valid:NotAllDocumentsProtected' always assumes a successful verification of the signature. If the signaure fails to verify, the coverage of the protection is not considered.

I'll take it to the next TC call to discuss.

But I would prefer 'valid-signature:NotAllDocumentsProtected'. This would make it explicit that the validity refers to the signature. The limitation comes later on.

3. NewOptionalOutputs seems to be work in progress. 'ProtectedDocumentID' is missing obviously.

Yes, valid remark! I'll add it.



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