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Subject: DSS-X Visible Signatures Profile

Dear fellow DSS-X Members,

to get the work on a visible signatures profile for DSS-X started we
foresee the following work items and are happy to provide references
to material defining visible signatures in Austria.

* Definition of Terms
    The English version of the Austrian E-Government Act can be a
    rich source. [1][2][3]

* What a visible signature should look like
    The Austrian e-Government Act [1] can also provide here a very
    general and rich definition in principle requiring the following
    for visible signatures:

      - visible image mark (recognized logo) of the signatory
      - name and role of signatory (optional)
      - date / time
      - identifier of legal act / process (optional)
      - name and country of origin of the issuing CA
      - serial number of the signatory's Certificate
      - the signature value in BASE64 coding
      - an appropriate attribute (non critical V3 extension) in
        the  signature certificate.
        In Austria's administration this means a registered OID
        indicating that the organization is a public
      - validity hint (optional)

* Another important topic is the probative value of Printouts
      - the electronic form including the signature can be exactly
        reconstructed from the printout and can be verified from
        the printout

You can find an example of a visible PDF and XML Signature attached.

[1] Federal Electronic Signature Law:

[2] The Austrian E-Government Act:

[3] Administration on the Net:
cf. Page 134

kind regards
Konrad Lanz

Official Signature in Austria_S.pdf


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