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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Minutes 2007-07-23

Hi all,

damned, caught leaving early ;-)

regarding 8.1.2 : Further Interoperability tests / Question to Andreas 
continue using the Wiki ?

No problem for me to run the Wiki as long as necessary. Everyone who's 
interested and not having a login yet, please drop me a line.

Nevertheless I noticed that OASIS is running Wikis for TCs on their 
infrastructure. Those Wikis may be more convenient for TC members 
because there is no additional Url to remember / no additional login 

But as long as we move to another place I'M happy to host the InterOp 
Wiki !



Andreas Kühne
phone: +49 177 293 24 97
mailto: kuehne@trustable.de

Trustable Ltd.
Niederlassung Deutschland
Ströverstr. 18 - 59427 Unna
Amtsgericht Hamm HRB 5868

Andreas Kühne
Heiko Veit

Company UK
Company No: 5218868
Registered in England and Wales

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