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Subject: Re: [dss-x] DSS-X Visible Signatures Profile

Hi Uri, hi Konrad,

>  > > [...] Perhaps we need two different profiles to address
>  > > these two approaches.
>  >
>  > I strongly disagree, for a couple of reasons ...
>  >
>  > * There is only one visual signatures profile on our charter.
>  The charter specifically allows the TC to expand the list of
>  profiles if we see the need for it.

Yes ! I would vote for two different profiles :

- PDF signatures : Signatures embedded in a PDF file, visible or not. 
This is a complex area with lots of attention that deserves a separate 
profile. And I don't feel happy with leaving out 'invisible' signature 
by the profile title.

- Visible representations of signatures : If I understand Konrad's 
proposal correctly, that's what it's intending ...

Dtmo these two areas doesn't overlap, because the visible 
'representation' of the signature used in PDF docs isn't more than a 
funny picture and / or some text ...



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Andreas Kühne
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