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Subject: Re: [dss-x] DSS-X Visible Signatures Profile

If I may generate input to this thread:
Andreas Kuehne wrote 20070727T093103Z
> >  > > [...] Perhaps we need two different profiles to address
> >  > > these two approaches.
> >  >
> >  > I strongly disagree, for a couple of reasons ...
> >  >
> >  > * There is only one visual signatures profile on our charter.
> >
> >  The charter specifically allows the TC to expand the list of
> >  profiles if we see the need for it.
> Yes ! I would vote for two different profiles :

First of all, I think our first work in this area should be, to 
establish a common consensus about what actually shall be 
covered by the concept of a "visual signature", how it is aligned with 
the understanding of a "visible signature" and then, secondly, 
how this may or may not include or be extended to include specific 
solutions, like eg. PDF/DOC/DOT/XLS/XLT/SQLite/...
> - PDF signatures : Signatures embedded in a PDF file, visible or not. 
> This is a complex area with lots of attention that deserves a separate 
> profile. And I don't feel happy with leaving out 'invisible' signature 
> by the profile title.

One additional comment from my side, while we're at it:

All files that have a specified format (structure) with controlled instances 
applying standardized (with a small s) functions and procedures (transformations) 
on data stored within like e.g. Microsoft Words *.DOC* (or *.DOT* :?), or Microsoft 
Excels *.XLS (or *.XLT*) or even SQLites files with its accessing functions open 
up a wild jungle of specific (proprietary) rules that may or may not change to the 
knowledge of a processing server or its clients.

> - Visible representations of signatures : If I understand Konrad's 
> proposal correctly, that's what it's intending ...

My understanding is, that what is intended is not very clear among us 
with regard to visible and/or visual (representations of) signatures and how these 
mix or are separate from each other as far as it has to be distinguished from 
the profile/processing rules point of view.

> Dtmo these two areas doesn't overlap, because the visible 
> 'representation' of the signature used in PDF docs isn't more than a 
> funny picture and / or some text ...

I like to see us working out these terms :))
 ... as long as we do not extend our list of deliverables to a 
"funny pictures profile" ...

All the best,

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