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Subject: ACTION [2007-07-23-01]

Dear all,

This message should close ACTION [2007-07-23-01]: "Provide a list of 
editors for profiles and clarify the need for new editors"

Below follows the list of profiles with their corresponding editors in DSS.

Profile: Time-stamp; editors: Trevor Perrin, Juan Carlos Cruellas

Profile: Asynchronous profile; editor: Andreas Kuehne

Profile: Code-signing; editor: Andreas Kuehne

Profile: J2ME Code-signing; editor: Andreas Kuehne

Profile: Entity seal; editor: Nick Pope

Profile: EPM; editor: Ed Shallow

Profile: German Signature Law; editor: Andreas Kuehne

Profile: AdES; editor: Juan Carlos Cruellas

Profile: Signature Gateway; editor: Glen Benson

The following profiles have been edited by people that are not members 
of DSS-X:

1. EPM

2. Signature Gateway

The EPM could present more maintenance problems, as it is closely 
related with UPU specifications.

I propose contacting UPU and Glen Benson to check with them their 
potential interest in joining DSS-X.


Juan Carlos

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