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Subject: [dss-x] Minutes 2007-07-23

draft minutes... updated


New Actions:

      ACTION [2007-07-23-01]: Provide a list of editors for profiles and 
                           clarify the need for new editors ...

Minutes: Inaugural TC Meeting

1. Welcome 

   Welcome by Juan Carlos Cruellas...

2. List of attendeees

   Marta Cruellas
   Stefan Drees
   Andreas Kuehne   Konrad
  Eric Lengvenis
   Tommy Lindberg
   Hal Lockhart
   Pete Palmer
   Clemens Orthacker
   Nick Pope
   Uri Resnitzky
   Juan Carlos Cruellas
   James Bryce Clark, OASIS
   Mary McRae, OASIS 

   12 + 2 form OASIS

   We have Quorum.

   Mary McRae joined

   Scribe: Konrad Lanz & Juan Carlos Cruellas

3. Election of Co-chairs

   Mary McRea takes over the lead of the meeting.

   Mary:  3  Nominees - Juan Carlos, Stefan Drees, Uri Resnitzki
   Mary: 12 Voters
   Juan Carlos: Correct

   Chair: Unanymous vote for Juan Carlos Cruellas (2 abstentions)

   Co-Chair: 5:5 Stefan vs. Uri  (2 abstentions)
   Co-Chair 2nd Ballot: 5:5 Stefan vs. Uri  (2 abstentions)

4. Welcome from OASIS staff. Review of OASIS TC Process
   Hal: Can Mary throw a coin?
   ... discussions about Co-Chair election ...

   Jamie: It is possible to postpone the Co Chair election until the 
          next meeting ...

   Konrad: Motion to Pospone the Co-Chair election until the next 
   Hal: Second   RESOLUTION: Unanymous vote to postpone the vote to the next meeting.

4. Welcome from OASIS staff. Review of OASIS TC Process
   Jamie: Talks about the Oasis TC Process and refers to the Oasis 
   - http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php

   Note the IPR Policy

   TC operates within the charter

   Jamie: To wich degree work may be carried over from DSS to the new 
          DSS-X TC?

   The Staff Contact is Mary McRea

5. Other roles

7.1 Secretary

   JC: Secretary is the person in charge to do roll calls, maintains 
       status of members ...
   Hal: Takes the role of the Secretary
, but cannot be always the 
        minute taker ...
   Nick: will organize the rotational minute taking ...
         ... as
 he did before.

7.2 editors for core and standardized profiles

   Juan Carlos: Proposes that Editors still in the TC continue to 
                maintain the profiles ...

   Unanymous consent: maintenance of profiles continued by fromer Editors

   RESOLUTION: Two Week Schedule

   ACTION [2007-07-23-01]: Provide a list of editors for profiles and 
                           clarify the need for new editors ...

   Stefan: Changes in the pipe form comments for the core..., Stefan 
           is happy to continue as editor for the core

   Juan Carlos: We check if there is a conflict in editorship and 
   Nick: We'll wait until the election of Co-Chair
   Stefan: Okay ...

6. Standing rules review
   Jamie: attendency is required to maintain voting rights
   Jamie: TCs should decide to use electronic ballots or not ...
   Hal: motion to allow electronic ballots
   Konrad: second
   RESOLUTION: This TC will conduct electronic ballots.

7. Meetings schedule

   Juan Carlos: previously two week schedule
   Juan Carlos: Motion to continue on two week schedule
   Stefan: second
   RESOLUTION: Unanymous consent to meet on a two week schedule.

8. Work-plan for the TC and strategy
   Juan Carlos provides an introduction to the charter ...

8.1. Items identified from charter:
   no comments on the current contents of this charter

8.1.1 New profiles

8.1.2 Further Interoperability tests

   Juan Carlos: Informal suggestions making tect cases publicly availiable

   Konrad: Question to Andreas continue using the Wiki ?
   Andreas seemed to have been dropped of the call.

Responded later via mail http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dss-x/200707/msg00012.html
No problem for me to run the Wiki as long as necessary. Everyone who's 
interested and not having a login yet, please drop me a line.

Nevertheless I noticed that OASIS is running Wikis for TCs on their 
infrastructure. Those Wikis may be more convenient for TC members 
because there is no additional Url to remember / no additional login 

But as long as we move to another place I'M happy to host the InterOp 
Wiki !


8.1.3 Cross Matrix for existing profiles showing their inter-relationship

   Nick: there is a previous document providing certain guidance on 
         profiles. Suggestion to use that document as basis.
         Or better to use parts of that document in the new one.

   Konrad: In principle there should be the burden on proposers of new 
           optional inputs and outputs to clarify its relation ship to 
           other profiles ...

8.1.4 WSDL definition for the DSS soap

8.1.5 Maintenance of "Digital Signature Service Core Protocols, Elements,and Bindings version 1.0"

   There are a number of comments, ...
   Konrad: Do we need actions here?
   Juan Carlos: Technical work will start in the next meeting ...

8.2. Contributed work

   Jamie clarifies what can be contributed, it should be noted that 
   contributors will have to make sure it is availiable ...
   possibility for members to bring work from outside if coresponding 
   permission is there

   Uri: Visual profiles there will be contribution and previous work ...
   Konrad: there is material from Austrias administration that can be used

   Marta: there is previous work form CATCert ...
   there are already profiles defined by CATCert ...

   Clemens: will have cotributions for the encryption profile

9. Date of Next meeting

   in two weeks from now

   regrets from Clemens

Juan Carlos: Thanks to the OASIS Staff
Jamie: Thanks to Juan Carlos ....
Thank you Konrad for the minutes...

11. Close

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