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Subject: Suggested addition to DSS Core - Estimate CMS Signature Size

Hello all,

Applications that use detached CMS signatures and embed the signature
bytes into the signed document (such as in PDF signing) need to know
what is the expected size of the CMS signature *before* they can
calculate the document hash value.
The reason is that the file format sometimes specify that the length of
the embedded signature object affects the content of the rest of the
document is relation to data headers, offset tables, etc, and the hash
calculation must cover that data as well.

Client applications can not assume a fixed value for the size of the CMS
signature since they may need to sign with different certificates each
time and only the server knows its own policies regarding including
certificate chains, CRLs and other variable size objects as
authenticated or un-authenticated attributes of the CMS signature.

One solution would be to sign such documents twice - use a dummy hash
value in the first signature and use the returned length of the
signature object to format the document and calculate the real hash
value and then sign again.

This kind of solution has many obvious drawbacks, so I suggest we add an
optional input that allows the client to ask the server *not* to perform
the signature calculation, but only to return in an optional output an
estimation of the size of the resulting signature object that would have
been returned if the signature calculation was actually made using all
the input parameters.

The requirement from the server should be to make sure that the returned
size is at least equal or greater than the actual size of the signature
that would be calculated.


- Uri

Uri Resnitzky
Chief Scientists, ARX

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