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Subject: Suggested addition to DSS Core - Enumerate available keys

Hello all,

The optional input <KeySelector> specified in the DSS core implies some
pre-existing / out-of-band mechanism by which the client knows which
keys are available and indicates to the server using the <KeySelector>
element which one it wants to use.

However some application may need to function without pre-configuration
and it would be very useful to allow the client to retrieve the list of
available keys so that, for example, an interactive user can select
which key is to be used.

I suggest we add a mechanism by which the client can query the server
for a list of available keys which will be returned as <ds:KeyInfo>
elements. This will enable the client to make an automated or a user
interaction driven decision of which key it should use, and use it in a
future DSS signature request in the <KeySelector> optional input.


- Uri

Uri Resnitzky
Chief Scientists, ARX

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