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Subject: [dss-x] Action#005: Investigate available facilities within KAVIto support tracking work conducted by the TC. (and II)

Dear all,

Somehow this email has been sent before I completed it (an unfortunate 
combination of keys typping). I appologize for that. Below follows the 
complete version:

This tries to close action#005.

As Konrad pointed me out, KAVI allows keeping track of actions created
during meetings.

The link "Action Items" opens the page for managing these actions.

I suggest that henceforth the minutes taker, creates during the meeting
if granted access or after it as soon as possible, the actions agreed
during the meeting. I also suggest that the minutes taker changes the 
status of the actions being closed at or after the meeting.

KAVI automatically assigns a number to each action.

I propose that owners of the action after completing the action send an 
email with the subject starting "ACTION#NNN" being NNN the action 
identifier, so that this information may be incorporated in the agenda 
of the meetings.


Juan Carlos.

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