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Subject: Re: [dss-x] DSS: some suggestions

Juan Carlos Cruellas schrieb:
> Dear all,
> May I make the following two suggestions:
> 1. I think that we may take advantage of the fact that KAVI has now a 
> section for managing action items on-line. I would suggest that those 
> action items that are generated during a conf call are introduced to the 
> KAVI action items manager by the person in charge of taking minutes if 
> that person has Internet access. In that way, the action items would be 
> accessible to all the members and no need for waiting the minutes should 
> be required if someone forgets any action on her. In case the minutes 
> taker has no Internet access, this may be done by someone else with 
> access....

I second this. But as Andreas and me found out, the KAVI-manageable 
actions only have an owner not a group of owners/workers as the name 
owner suggests in its more specific interpretaion. So we might cure this 
by combining the proposals:

If we follow the second suggestion also, we can combine this in my point 
of view to a very convenient strategy:
A) online generated and managed "single owned" action itmes
B) near real time minutes indicate if and what group of workers is 
responsible for which action item.

> 2. One thing that groups in W3C usually do is to share, during the conf 
> calls, a writing area where the minutes taker write his notes, which may 
> be directly seen by the rest of the members. In W3C IRC is used. As we 
> do not have such an infrastructure, I would propose to use skype for 
> doing this. Obviously may be people that do not use skype, but as far as 
> I am aware, a number of DSS-X members have... should any of you have an 
> alternative or a different idea, do not hesitate in circulating it to 
> the group.

Havin read Juan Carlos proposal and the positive feedback from Nick and 
Andreas I think in the upcoming conf call #5 on 1st of Ocotber we should 
give the meanwhile proposed service under say 	
a try.

If we experience some "uninvited and notes disturbing" guest we may 
switch to a password-protected web-based chat.

I tried the facility with firefox and experienced no difficulties. A 
plugin had to be installed (corporate users may check for themselves 
;)), but this performed successfully without further notice.

Any opinions? If no one stands up against this proposal, we should use 
it on October, 1st, as we already used the skype chat with no formal 
approvement, didn't we?

All the best,

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