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Subject: DSS-X: comments to profile on individual reporting multi-signatureverification

Dear all,

I have uploaded a document that we worked some time ago and that could 
serve to launch discussions on
an abstract profile that could support individual reporting 
multi-signature verification.

Some of the initial requirements that such a profile should meet are:

1. A new optional input in the <dss:VerificationRequest> requesting that 
if hte server finds
more than one signature, it reports verification individually for each one.

2. For <dss:VerificationResult> there will be two types of results: 
global and individual.

3. For <dss:VerificationResult> global Major results should globaly 
indicate whether there has been or not success.
   In the latter case, the client must look at the individual reports.

4. For <dss:VerificationResult> global Minor results have also been 

5. For <dss:VerificationResult> a new optional output element satisfying 
the following

  5.1 Each one of these elements will report details on how verification 
of one
  signature has gone.

  5.2 This element will include result major and minor for each signature.

  5.3 This element will contain mechanisms for identifying the signature 
  (and this is something on what I would like to get more ideas....you 
will see that
   I propose something but I would say that there might be other ways to 
do that).

  5.4 This element may incorporate any optional output giving details on 
a verified signature
  that have been defined in the DSSCore

  5.5 Should allow the inclusion of further details on the verification 


Juan Carlos.

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