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Subject: Re: DSS questions

Dear Mr. Nymoen,

Thank you very much for your email.

Actually, the Digital Signature Services eXtended TC (DSS-X) has been 
created to ensure additional standardization work in this area. You may 
take a look to its charter at:

May I recommend you to take into consideration the possibility of 
joining OASIS and this TC for bringing your ideas to the committee?

You may find information on the different ways of participating in OASIS 

As for the error in the reference, thank you very much indeed. We will 
proceed to fix it following the rules of OASIS.

Should you have any additional remark, please do not hesitate in 
contacting us
Best regards

Juan Carlos Cruellas.

Knut Nymoen escribió:
> Dear Mr Cruellas,
> I have seen your name as chair of the DSS committee, and hope you can 
> help me with answer to some
> questions. (I am currently reading the DSS specifications)
> 1: Future standardization work?
> We are working with signing services in our product TrustSign, and the 
> interface and structure is quite
> similar to the interface in the DSS specification.
> So we would like to ask you if you believe there will be any 
> standardization work started in the close
> future, lets say 2008.
> In this case, we believe we have some ideas that would be valuable 
> (for instance signing by several
> persons, keeping evidence in form of packing document and signatures 
> together + long time storage) and
> would  like to see if we could participate and also contribute.
> 2: DSS specification, minor issue
> I think I found a minor issue in the document
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/dss/v1.0/oasis-dss-profiles-AdES-spec-v1.0-os.html 
> *[XAdES]*           Advanced Electronic Signatures. ETSI TS 101 733. 
> March 2006.
> I believe this should be a reference to
> XAdES        XML Advanced Electronic Signatures,  ETSI Technical 
> Specification TS 101 903
> Thanks,
> Knut Nymoen
> Product Manager
> Trusted Services, BBS
> Tel: +47 90855873
> E-mail: knut.nymoen@bbs.no

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