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Subject: Groups - DSS-X TC meeting#6 modified

DSS-X TC meeting#6 has been modified by Juan Cruellas

Date:  Monday, 15 October 2007
Time:  12:00pm - 01:00pm ET

Event Description:
Dial-in numbers (see passcode at the bottom):

North America : (605) 990-0150
European Dial-in Numbers:
Austria: 0820 4000 1556
Belgium: 070 35 9978
France: 0826 100 260
Germany: 01805 00 76 13
Ireland: 0818 270 025
Italy: 848 390 160
Netherlands: 9006 454 545
Spain: 902 886029
Switzerland: 0848 560 183
UK: 0870 35 204 78

Pass-code (common to all countries): 409488#

DSS-X meeting#6 (conf call).

Monday 15th October 2007

1. Welcome by chair (Juan Carlos Cruellas)

2. Confirmation of minutes taker: Eric Lengvenis

3. Roll call

4. Approval of the agenda.

5. Approval of minutes of conf call of 2007-10-01

6. Outstanding actions review.

7. TC web site home page

8. Discussion on new profiles.

	8.1 Visible signature profile

	8.2 ebXML profile

	8.3 Encryption profile

	8.4 Signed Verification Response profile

	8.5 Signature Policy profile

	8.6 Individual verificatin reports profile

	8.7 Other profiles

9. Maintenance.

10. Wiki issues.

11. Date of Next meeting 29 October 2007

12. Any other business

13. Close


Action 07-09-17-01 [all] : comment on ebXML gateway
STATUS(#0010): Open

Action 07-09-17-05 [Stefan, Nick, Andreas] :launch a discussion on the list with the requirements for the 'ebXML' profile, aiming target to define a document.
STATUS(#0014): Open

Action 07-09-17-06 [Juan-Carlos, Marta] :launch a discussion on the list with the requirements for the ' Individual reports on every signature verified in multi-signature documents' profile, aiming target to define a document.
STATUS(#0015): Propose Closed

Action 07-09-17-08 [Juan-Carlos] :launch a discussion on the list with the requirements for the 'Handling of signature and service policy' profile, aiming target to define a document.
STATUS(#0017): Propose Closed

Action 07-09-17-09 [Clemens, Marta, Tommy, Konrad] :launch a discussion on the list with the requirements for the 'Supporting centralized encryption and decryption services' profile, aiming target to define a document.
STATUS(#0018): Propose Closed

Action 07-09-17-10 [Andreas] : check wiki with links to Kavi workspace
STATUS(#0019): ?

Action 07-09-17-12 [all] : review the proposal of the new homepage proposed
STATUS(#0021): ?

Action 07-10-01-01 [chairs, Hal] check requirements for DetlefH to become voting member
STATUS(#0022): Proposed Closed

Action 07-10-01-02 [chairs] restructure documents area, provide one folder per new profile
URL: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-x/email/archives/200710/msg00022.html
STATUS(#0023): Proposed Closed
Action 07-10-01-03 [DetlefH] provide background material on ecard API. Provide overview on proposed profiles.
URL: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-x/email/archives/200710/msg00026.html
STATUS(#0024): ?

Action 07-10-01-04 [chairs] decide upon chatroom for meeting minutes
STATUS(#0025): ?


View event details:

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PRODID:-//Kavi Corporation//NONSGML Kavi Groups//EN
X-WR-CALNAME:My Calendar
SUMMARY:DSS-X TC meeting#6
DESCRIPTION:Dial-in numbers (see passcode at the bottom):\n\nNorth America : (605)
  990-0150\nEuropean Dial-in Numbers:\nAustria: 0820 4000 1556\nBelgium:
  070 35 9978\nFrance: 0826 100 260\nGermany: 01805 00 76 13\nIreland:
  0818 270 025\nItaly: 848 390 160\nNetherlands: 9006 454 545\nSpain:
  902 886029\nSwitzerland: 0848 560 183\nUK: 0870 35 204 78\n\nPass-code
  (common to all countries): 409488#\n\nGroup: OASIS Digital Signature
  Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC\nCreator: Juan Cruellas

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