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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Groups - Potential Requirements for ebXML / DSS Profile (EbXML-dss-requirements.doc) uploaded


Looking at the document it looks like it is talking of two different 
profiles, one that could actually profile ebxml protocol for 
transporting dss messages (and please correct me if you think that I 
missinterpreted the content), and another one on a gateway function. Is 
that correct?

If so, I am not completely sure to understand the second one. The text 
reads: "This proposal is for the application of DSS based signatures to 
ebXML messages as they pass out through a company gateway /service 
provider...". What I understand is that the text is proposing a profile 
for requesting signatures for ebXML messages...is that correct? and in 
the same way, the profile should also include messages for requesting 
verificaiton of signatures present in ebXML messages...

But then I read that "this is not the same as conventional DSS requset 
/response messaging.." and I am not sure of having understood what 
should this profile be about.


Juan Carlos.

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