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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Re: AW: encryption profile

See below

> I think there are two arguments for the INSERT use case: First, one might want 
> to keep the content to be encrypted out of the target document's context. For 
> XML content to be encrypted, for example, consider contained ID attributes 
> that conflict with the target document or certain namespace issues. 
Whereas this is a clear insertion of encrypted content within a XML 
document, the current text in the proposal reads:

"Encrypt (multiple) arbitrary binary data objects using one key or key 
set and insert the encrypted content elements in the provided XML 
document on respective locations. Returns the entire XML document."

As it only mentions "arbitrary binary data objects" and no XML text, one 
could think that this use case is only for actually dealing with binary 
data...or am I losing anything?


Juan Carlos.

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