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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Re: AW: encryption profile

Am Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007 schrieben Sie:
> Hi,
> See below
> > I think there are two arguments for the INSERT use case: First, one might
> > want to keep the content to be encrypted out of the target document's
> > context. For XML content to be encrypted, for example, consider contained
> > ID attributes that conflict with the target document or certain namespace
> > issues.
> Whereas this is a clear insertion of encrypted content within a XML
> document, the current text in the proposal reads:
> "Encrypt (multiple) arbitrary binary data objects using one key or key
> set and insert the encrypted content elements in the provided XML
> document on respective locations. Returns the entire XML document."
> As it only mentions "arbitrary binary data objects" and no XML text, one
> could think that this use case is only for actually dealing with binary
> data...or am I losing anything?

From the target document's point of view, it is binary data. Of course, one 
could provide the octets of some XML fragment/document, just to make sure the 
provided XML won't get touched by any XML processing.
The idea is similar to the dss:Base64XML (but could also be 'real' binary 


Clemens Orthacker  A-SIT, Graz University of Technology
Inffeldgasse 16a, 8010 Graz, Austria
Tel: +43 316 873 5512         Web: http://www.a-sit.at/

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