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Subject: ACTION#39: Former OASIS DSS discussions on reporting verificationdetails and profiles in dss-x

Dear all,

I have gone through the dss core document section
4.5.5 Optional Input <ReturnProcessingDetails> and Output 

This section defines an optional input element and its corresponding 
optional output element that the server returns in response.

I now recall that these elements were included after it was suggested 
that in some cases some client could ask for more details on the process 
followed by the server in the signature verification, i.e., what 
criptographic material the server had used, what status had that 
criptographic material etc.

Looking at the structure of <ProcessingDetails> I think that the profile 
having the functionality Detlef mentioned in his previous mail should 
make usage of the DetailType element indicated below. DetailType has an 
any element that actually could acommodate the details that Detlef shown 
in the schema that he circulated...it would be a matter of working on 
that schema and ProcessingDetails and DetailType elements for making 
them work together.

As for the individual Report profile, if we decide to keep it separated 
from the processing details profile, it could also fit well with these 

A VerifyResponse message generated after verifying several signatures 
and giving processing details on every signature could contain several 
individual reports with ProcessingDetails within each, like this one:

    //maybe summary result of the verification of the signature
    // some identification of the signature reported

       <dss:ValidDetail Type=".....">
          //Here we could add any information appearing on xsd by Detlef 
referring to the specific material
          //that may not be reported through the Type attribute and the 
Code element of DetailType...

The work left would be to go through the xsd schema by Detlef and check 
what are the missing pieces that Type attribute and Code element do not 
incorporate to the report.


Juan Carlos.

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