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Subject: RE: Implications of possible charter clarification

Hi Stefan,

  The real question is whether the members of the TC feel that creating an
encryption protocol is within the scope of the charter. TCs are encouraged but
not required explicitly to add each new deliverable to their charter.  The basic
structure of the TC Process suggests that any TC can choose to take on any piece
of work, within its chartered scope, at any time during its lifecycle.  It's
quite common for TCs to discover -- once their work is underway -- that their
original assumptions about that work need updating:  the material planned for
one spec ought to be refactored into two ... or additional use cases, or
profiles, or variations are needed ... or the planned sequence in which three
specs will be produced must change.

If the protocol is deemed within scope, a charter clarification could add the
new/refactored deliverable, but it wouldn't be required. If the protocol is
deemed out of scope, then a new charter would need to be submitted (rather than
the clarification).



> -----Original Message-----
> From: stefan@drees.name [mailto:stefan@drees.name]
> Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 6:31 AM
> To: Mary McRae
> Cc: Juan Carlos Cruellas; dss-x; Stefan Drees; Hal Lockhart
> Subject: Implications of possible charter clarification
> Dear Mary,
> during ongoing DSS-X TC discussions on the topic of encryption,
> namely: encryption "profile" vs. encryption "protocol", it
> became clear, that one possible outcome will be be,
> that instead of providing an encryption "profile" as noted in the
> charter, the TC might provide an encryption "protocol" as to remove
> ambiguity and to narrow the scope of the topic at the same time.
> Are we correct in the assumption, that in this case, it
> is possible to do a charter clarification, as defined in
> section 2.11 of the TC Process, which in turn only
> requires a special Majority vote conducted by the TC Admin?
> Thanks in advance and best regards,
> Stefan Drees (Co-Chair, OASIS DSS-X TC).

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