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Subject: ACTION#0044: Discussion of last conf call on multisignature and verificationdetails profile

Dear Detlef,

At the last conf call the issue of having two separated profiles, one 
for defining containers for reporting on several signatures verification 
and other for defining the set of structures for detailing the 
verification process carried foe each one, was discussed in the light of 
the message that I had submmitted 

At the meeting the suggestion of having one profile with multiple 
conformance levels was made, and initially agreed.

My initial view, in the light of that would be that:

1. We would have one profile.

2. This profile could include definition of something similar to the 
<SignatureVerificationReport>. Each element would report the result of 
verifying one signature.

3. Within <SignatureVerificationReport> the server could include the 
<dss:ProcessingDetails> with a list <ValidDetail>, <InvalidDetail>  
elements as defined in the core.

4. Finally, within each of the details aforementioned, some of the 
structures defined in your schema, identifying certificates, CRLs, 
OCSPResponses, etc would appear.

5. Servers could claim conformance levels, let us say:

       1. This would mean that they may generate elements in 2, but not 
elements in 4 (i.e., they may summarize verification result on ALL the 
       BUT not give details on how the process was carried).
       2. This would mean that they may generate elements in 4 but not 
in 2 (i.e., they only may report details BUT ONLY ON ONE signature)

       3. This would mean that they may generate all the different 

If you agree with that, do you think that we are in the position of 
start working in the req. document for this new profile?

Juan Carlos.

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