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Subject: DSS-X: action #0041


At the last conf call I mentioned the message sent to the list on 
merging the  "*Signed Verification Response profile" with "multiple 
signature verification report".

*You may find my message at:

At the last conf call, however, it was suggested to make a profile 
managing at the same time:

1. Capability for returning one report on the verification of each 
signature (my initial proposal).
2. Capability for making that the report contains an extensive list of 
details on the verification process (ie, certificates checked, OCSP 
responses, et, etc) (based on the schema that Detlef circulated some 
time ago).

BUT having multiple conformance levels.

My feeling is that the profile for allowing the verification servers to 
give back a signed VerifyResponse is ortogonal to the aforementioned 
What is your view?

Thank you


Juan Carlos.



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