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Subject: Re: DSS-X: next meeting issues

Juan Carlos, Detlef, all,

The remaining encryption profile work items are listed below.

EncryptionProfile I

1. finalize encrypt schema: see updated issues in http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dss-x/Encryption_profile

2. decrypt schema (not yet started)

- How to specify what parts of input to decrypt?

- How to integrate decryption with verification (see xmlenc-decrypt)? Specify DecryptRequest/Response only?

3. en/decryption processing (not yet started, probably the most difficult section, kick-off after decrypt schema finished)

I will try to finalize the schema (1. and 2.), so that we can focus on remaining issues (most probably how to integrate EncryptedDocument with the existing dss:DocumentBaseType) and on the processing section. I am not an expert in DSS processing, probably we could sketch the changes to the basic processing during the call? In this case, please revise the DSS (basic) processing for the next call! Please also have a look at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-x/download.php/28617/encryption_profile_0.4.xsd

EncryptionProfile II

1. start/finalize processing section

2. impact on other profiles?

EncryptionProfile III

1. finalize draft profile document for balloting

Am Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008 schrieb Juan Carlos Cruellas:

> Dear Clemens,


> Next conf call is the first of the two ones devoted to the encryption

> profile. I think that it would be helpful to think in advance on the

> issues that you would like to be discussed (and eventually agreed if

> required) on this profile so that at the meeting we could see effective

> progress...Could you please let us know how do you think that we could

> get the maximum benefit of the next call, ie, maybe by enumerating the

> issues that you would like to be discussed in the next conf call, or any

> other suggestion that you may have?


> Thank you very much


> Regards


> Juan Carlos.

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