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Subject: JMS transport binding



A customer I am working with is using JMS (as interface to Oracle's Advanced
Queuing to be precise) as transport protocol for DSS.  For interoperability
reasons (this project is currently using a homegrown DSS implementation but
is likely to want to move to a supported product over time) I would like to
know if:
(i)   anyone else is aware of interest in (or even practical use of) DSS
over JMS?
(ii)  people feel it is likely that current/future DSS implementations will
want support DSS?
(iii) there would be interest in a standard profile for DSS over JMS (and
derivatives like AQ ..)

Where the ebXML profile is really about cross-enterprise (B2B/G2G)
environments, this profile would support the enterprise (EAI) environment
where queuing interfaces are very common due to the reliability and
scalability of these interfaces.  Potential applications are (high volume)
document scanners, document management systems, archiving systems etc. that
want to interface to a DSS service.

Right now in this project this is a very simple interface, but there are
issues like e.g. handling attachments that a profile could help define and


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