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Subject: Document progressed to Committee Draft status

Dear Mary,

At the last meeting, the DSS-X TC approved a motion to progress the so 
called "Visible Signatures Profile"  to Committee Draft status.

You may see the minutes of the meeting at:

I copy below the corresponding excerpt of the minutes:

7.1 Ballot for Committee Draft

Ezer and Oscar discussed the draft. The updated draft is uploaded 
yesterday and
Ezer wants to move to accept it as CD.
Pim seconds the motion.

No objections
No abstentions.

Motion approved.

Chair thanks the editor for the progress made."

The editor, Ezer Farhi is now producing a XML schema file for the 
profile....could you please tell us what additional steps must be 
performed in terms of editorial work, upload to the website of the TC, 
announcements, etc?

Thank you very much indeed for your kind help


Juan Carlos.

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