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Subject: Att. of Mr. Riccardo Genghini, ESI TC chairman

Dear Mr. Genghini,

At the last OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC, a 
member ot the Committee reported that there were reports of potential 
activities related to XAdES and CAdES within ISO. More specifically, 
that person reported that Japan has put on the table the possibility of 
creating within ISO TC 154 a new work item on Long Term Signatures.

At that meeting it was agreed that the DSS-X TC would keep an eye on 
that process, and at the same time, to contact you and let you know, as 
chairman of the standardization committee that has produced CAdES and 
XAdES, this activity, so that you may proceed as you consider worth.

You may find the proposal for a new work item at:


Best regards

Stefan Dress and Juan Carlos Cruellas

OASIS DSS-X TC co-chairs

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