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Subject: Re: DSS-X: ACTION#104. Status of encryption profile

Dear all,

As you all know, the encryption profile didn't advance for quite some time now. 
Apart from some tricky details in the schema I do not expect any major changes 
to currently latest version available at http://www.oasis-

The main work that remains to be done is the integration into DSS's processing 
definitions. I did not approach this task until now, and these definitions seem 
quite complex at a first glance. Therefore I would like to ask if any of you is 
willing to participate in accomplishing this task. I think that, together with 
somebody more experienced in DSS's processing, we could speed up the 
completion of the profile draft.

I'm not sure whether I will be able to participate in today's meeting, that's 
why I'm sending this request via email. 

Thanks a lot,

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