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Subject: Request from TAML TC

Hi all,

in the last weeks I had a nice mail interchange with Jacques Durand from the TAML TC. He's the maintainer of the tamelizer tool and offered any help for our TC to enable us using TAML for our conformance testing.

Currently the TAML TC is struggeling to gather 'usage statements' for their spec. I remenber we faced the same problems before becoming a standard. Maybe the organizational members of our TC are able to give a usage statement ? 

Maybe we can discuss this topic to the a.o.b. at the next call ?

Here is the original request from Jacques :

Inthe TAG OASIS TC we are in the process of standardizing the Test Assertion model and markup (that you are using via the Tamelizer tool). For this we need some “statement of use” from  at least 3 organizationalmembers of OASIS.
Iam not sure if yourself are an “organizational member“ i.e. from a company that is OASIS member, or if you are individual member. If you are individual, then someone else from the DSS TC might do such a statement, after taking knowledge of your work (in fact, in some other TC – UBL – they put on the agenda of a meeting to approve such a resolution, meaning any member of the TC that is from a member company or org, could make the statement on behalf of the TC).
The kind of statement we are after is:
"We...(company or org name that is member of DSS TC)... have used successfully the test assertions model from the OASIS TAG, specified in the Committee Specification 01 titled:
"Test Assertions Part 1 - Test Assertions Model Version 1.0", approved on November 29, 2010.
Wehave used the test assertions model for writing a set of test assertions for DSS  (i.e. implementation of class 2 of the test assertion model).
Wehave also successfully used the test assertions XML mark-up language (TAML), as specified in the committee specification 01 titled: “Test Assertions Part 2 - Test Assertion Markup Language Version 1.0” approvedon November 29, 2010. We have successfully written test assertions (i.e. "testAssertion" elements according to the conformance clause) using this mark-up. We also have used an existing tool to process such test assertions (http://code.google.com/p/tamelizer/).”
Wouldyou consider transmitting this request to the DSS TC, e.g.  put on a meeting agenda the approval of a statement like this? (or if you are from a member organization you could do it on behalf of your org). It would be great if we could receive such a statement sometime this month.
Let me know if you have any question,

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