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Subject: Outcome of second call between ETSI and OASIS regarding interoperabilitytests organization

Dear all,

On the 20th April, we had a call with representatives of OASIS and ETSI. 
Below follows the main outcome of that meeting. May I suggest that the 
TC comments this at the next call, specially the strategy for completing 
the actions assigned to our TC? Of special relevance is the estimation 
of required resources from this TC in terms of preparing and supporting 
the tests, as this could impact in the possibility of exploring with 
OASIS and ETSI how to get these resources...

At the same time, I have to mention that unfortunatelly I will be in 
Brussels in a meeting that day.... I could try to join for the roll 
call, but not sure I may stay during the whole meeting...

Thank you


Juan Carlos.

Conclusions and actions of the call held between ETSI and OASIS 
regarding conduction of dss interoeprability tests

1. As for the type of event. It was agreed in considering that the best 
way would be to organize first a kind of informal interop event. Then 
very likely in the future, based on this one, a more formal event could 
be organized...

2. as for timing,ETSI mentioned that October, November are very busy 
periods for them....

3. Need to identify resources estimation, elapsed times, funding 
requirements, so....

4. The following actions were identified:

Jamie Clark (from OASIS) will start a spreadsheet for capturing relevant 
effors, elapsed times and estimations of costs

All to provide feedback on the spreadsheet

All to fulfil their corresponding part.


1. estimate effort required for support the long event (type of support)

2. estimate elapsed time when it may have documentation directly 
uploadable at ETSI portal.

3. Decide on the specific features of the portal that will be used 
during the event (i.e., to define how the participants will conduct the 
interoperability tests using the portal).

4. Identify window time for conducting the event.

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