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Subject: Creating signatures at user agents.

Dear Ernst Jan,

THank you very much for the slides... I have gone through them and find 
them very useful.

One question comes to my mind: in the second scenario, the one where the 
remote system directly contacts the UA for getting the signature value, 
and then sends a DSS-Request to the DSS service, I have the following 
doubt...The remote system should actually pass the digital signature 
value to the DSS service so that it builds the whole DSS response after 
making the verification, time-stamping and revocation info checks that 
you highlight...what type of request this would send to the DSS server? 
not sure it could be a sign-request, as this request does not have a 
placeholder for containing the signature value...would this be a 
verification-request with the inclusion of some place holder for the 
PKCS#1 signature value (I think that we have mentioned some time before 
that the core protocol should also cover this specific type of 
signature?)?....or maybe I am missing anything that I should be aware of?


Juan Carlos

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