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Subject: Re: Re: [dss-x] Action Item DSS Usage

Hi Ernst, 
thanks for updating the slides !.

Oooking at the differences of Use Cases 1 and 2 I would guess that UC 2 is the more general approach. Isn't UC1 the special case where User Agent and User device are collocated ?

Another remark : Why are the documents being transferred to the server side ? Especially in this case whre the documents are located a the client side it would be more efficient to transfer just e hash. Even a simple smart phone is able to calculate a hash, nowadays ...



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Betreff: Re: [dss-x] Action Item DSS Usage
Gesendet: Fr, 27. Mai 2011
Von: Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht


Based on the discussions during the last telephone conferences andthe feedback by email, an update is created of the slides regardingthe use of DSS(-X) in a particular client/server setting.

With kind regards

Ernst Jan

On 6-5-2011 14:08, Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht wrote:During the previous conference call an action point was mentioned aboutthe use of the DSS protocol in a more complex case with a user agent, anapplication system and a DSS server (request initiated by ̉scar Burgos).Attached a document; it describes some assumptions, a use case, twoscenario's (sequence diagrams) and the possible use of POAS or ebMSv3 asa transport binding.With kind regardsErnst Jan---------------------------------------------------------------------To unsubscribe from this mail list, you must leave the OASIS TC thatgenerates this mail.  Follow this link to all your TCs in OASIS at:https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/portal/my_workgroups.php 

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