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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Action Item DSS Usage


Attached an update of the slides (date May 29) regarding:
(1) the user client calculates the hash (Use Case variants 1c, 2b and 2d)
(2) the REST binding..... I only added a slide with TO DO... as a reminder..

By the way, we could also think of an extension to give the signed hash
as an argument to the DSS, instead of providing the hash and let the DSS
'get' the signature by means of the getSignature (see the Use Case
diagrams). But this can be viewed as an optimization...

I explicitly made the difference between UC1 and UC2 just to make it
clear and to show the differences/similarities. And it's true: UC1 is
actually a special case of UC2, where the User-Device and the User-Agent

Regarding the calculation of a hash: if a document is treated as a
binary document it is of course a simple case. But in case of, for
example, PDF I expect more difficulties..

With kind regards

Ernst Jan

On 29-5-2011 14:07, Andreas Kuehne wrote:
> Hi Ernst, 
> thanks for updating the slides !.
> Oooking at the differences of Use Cases 1 and 2 I would guess that UC 2 is the more general approach. Isn't UC1 the special case where User Agent and User device are collocated ?
> Another remark : Why are the documents being transferred to the server side ? Especially in this case whre the documents are located a the client side it would be more efficient to transfer just e hash. Even a simple smart phone is able to calculate a hash, nowadays ...
> Greetings
> Andreas
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> Betreff: Re: [dss-x] Action Item DSS Usage
> Gesendet: Fr, 27. Mai 2011
> Von: Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht
> Hello,
> Based on the discussions during the last telephone conferences andthe feedback by email, an update is created of the slides regardingthe use of DSS(-X) in a particular client/server setting.
> With kind regards
> Ernst Jan
> On 6-5-2011 14:08, Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht wrote:During the previous conference call an action point was mentioned aboutthe use of the DSS protocol in a more complex case with a user agent, anapplication system and a DSS server (request initiated by ̉scar Burgos).Attached a document; it describes some assumptions, a use case, twoscenario's (sequence diagrams) and the possible use of POAS or ebMSv3 asa transport binding.With kind regardsErnst Jan---------------------------------------------------------------------To unsubscribe from this mail list, you must leave the OASIS TC thatgenerates this mail.  Follow this link to all your TCs in OASIS at:https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/portal/my_workgroups.php 
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Creating Signatures at User Agent with DSS - May29-2011.ppt

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