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Subject: ETSI and CEN work on new Rationalised Framework for Electronic Signatures

Dear all,

You might like to take a look to the STF-425 web page:


As mentioned, this STF (Specialists Task Force) is dealing with the definition of this new framework of standards and with the produciton of a workplan for its implementation. This was one of the consequences of the EC Mandate M/460

You may download a draft version of the framework, issued for getting comments in the same page or directly at:


I bring to your attention specifically the fact that the document identifies two types of services that would be very related to the protocols specified by our TC: the TSP providing Signature Validation Services and TSPs providing Signature Generation Services (included in the clause 5.3.5 TSPs Supporting Electronic Signatures)!!.

As mentioned there is an email list for getting comments on the activities related to the implementation of the mandate M/460:
For subscription, access to:


Other STFs which you could be interested of are: STF-427, STF-426 and STF-428. Their web pages are accessible to similar URLs to the first one of this message substituing the numbers of the STFs by the corresponding one...

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