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Subject: URGENT: usage of ETSI Electronic Signatures Portal as pre-condition for progressing the organization of the interoperability event

Dear all,

At the meetin of 2 April 2012, the attendees discussed about different scenarios for using the ETSI Electronic Signatures Portal. Different proposals were submitted. You are kindly requested to take a look to them. You may find them at:



At that call the participants agreed that using the portal as proposed by Andreas in the second mail would be a suitable way of using the portal. This way woud allow to interoperate to those applications that share the binding to the transport protocol.

In addition, for those participants not sharing the bindin protocol, it was also mentioned that using the portal as in the first scenario of the first power point presentaion would be also good.

We would like to kindly request the TC members to take a look to the power point presentation and express their views on the former initial decisions made by the attendees at the mentioned meeting, so that we can build up a definitive solution, which allows us to progress in the estimation of the resources required for organizing the interoperability test event.

Thank you very much indeed for your kind co-operation

Best regards

Stefan Dress and Juan Carlos Cruellas.

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