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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Welcome to DSS-X after the summer break

One last hint before the meeting:

Please consider discussing the visible signature profile in the
light of Ernst Jans latest mail from 24th of August

URL = https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dss-x/201208/msg00003.html

that would round up a nice first telco, wouldn't it :?)

All the best,

Am 03.09.12 11:20, schrieb Stefan Drees:
Dear friends in the DSS-X TC,

I have the pleasure to send this gentle reminder to us all,
indicating that our TC's summer break is over and we will all meet again
via VoIP and IRC at 1800 CEST ;-)

Some minor points:

1. Participation Opportunity

Please also read and think about Andreas' Mail informing us about
the opportunity to participate in the revision of UN Recommendation 14
on Electronic Signature UN/CEFACT (original from 1979 ;-) Andreas wrote.

As a service the URL (again) is:


2. JIRA Issue Tracker

 From the collaboration in a relatively large and "fresh" TC (OData)
I learned, that using JIRA to separate the many review issues from the
hopefully few Action Items on members is indeed a useful thing.

So I asked Chet to provide us with a JIRA instance and link it
inside our workspace, which he was so kind as to do for us.

As of no, I am the only member with write access to it.
Let's talk today under AoB about a list of users to hand over to chet.

This is not yet an automatic process.

3. OASIS svn Version Control System

I also (as a developer and author) love version control like mercurial
or git but can also live with svn (as offered by OASIS).

So I also asked Chet for provision of a svn subtree at oasis to help
us on the one hand store intermediate revisions on OASIS systems (as
mandated by the TC process and OASIS transparancy rules) but not being
forced to use Kavi at any price.

I would also like to talk with you about this addition to our common
toolset under AoB.

That's it for now and I talk to you all in a few hours from now.

All the best,

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