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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Funding request to IDTrust

Hi Andreas,

Am 07.11.12 20:30, schrieb Andreas Kuehne:
> ...I sketched a draft planning sheet with some topics (attached).
> Feedback and additions welcome.
> ...

I am currently a bit burried inside OData face to face meeting preparation and thus have not the time to comment/contribute in detail to the table which you kindly provided.

Just one question:
The first subtopic below "Conformance Test Suite" i.e.
"Definition of conformance test suite" is planned/estimated with 3 person days. What leads to this 3 to 10 proportion as compared to the second one: "TAML assertions from Spec". Could you explain in a few lines, as what is somehow the expected set of tasks that need to be accompished for these? That would be very nice, since at the moment I do not have a feeling for these.

Thanks a lot in advance.

All the best,

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