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Subject: Hints for editors and on communicating links to the public or other interested third parties

Dear all,

as we sometimes want to share documents and such with other persons (not currently being enrolled with OASIS) e.g. experts/implementers that might be interested in participating but still are in need of arguments for joining, I would like to remind us of an IMO useful resource brought to my attention by an email from Chet Ensign to the OData members mailing list:


The OASIS officers (I think esp. Robin Cover) seem to have invested some time into authoring "The OASIS Naming Directives document", a document that suggests some rules governing filenames and URIs for Technical Committee Work Products. It is (observing the change entries at the bottom) updated approx. on a yearly basis (but of course event driven).

In there (at about 3/4 of the total length) are infos collected w.r.t. the relevant translations from restricted vs. public access links to publicly accessible entities in different areas like:
* Documents,
* Email messages,
* TC ballot listings,
* TC individual ballots and
* TC calendar entries.

The relevant Section is "Using Appropriate URI References" see esp. subsection "Publicly Accessible URIs".

All the best,

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