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Subject: Re: A question w.r.t. Implementation of DSS-X with interesting variants

Hi Stefan,

Actually the extensions to our protocol include carrying SAML and XML signatures...I guess that this is why this references appear....

YOu may find detailed information related to our protocol at the following links...

- Slides with explanations on the scenario:
-XML Schema

- Test service access:

Hope this helps


Juan Carlos.
El 30/11/12 11:54, Stefan Drees escribió:
Dear Juan Carlos,

Am 30.11.12 11:36, schrieb Juan Carlos Cruellas:
...As I commented you some time ago, Stefan Santensson, a member of ETSI
ESI TC commented me that his company has implemented a service that
makes use of our protocols with specific variants that include the
signing of the requests and the responses, due to the specific use case
where the signatures have to be requested and used....he also commented
me that he is seriously considering to become a member of our TC.

You may check this and other services in the following page:


This page contains documents that specify the extensions that I have
mentioned before....

thanks for prviding, Juan Carlos. But .. I do see SAML references and W3C XML Sig of course, but where are traces of our protocols? Could you please help me in finding these? That would be very nice. Thank you.

All the best,

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