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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Extent of the DSS InterOp

Thanks Andreas,

Am 10.12.12 19:24, schrieb Andreas Kuehne:
... as a follow-up to the discussion on the recent conf call:

Taking into account the complexity of our core and the limits of our
resources I would vote for a core-only InterOp. Especially with no
experience on my side I would feel much more comfortable with
concentrating on the core. Maybe we can think about embracing some
profiles in a follow-up event. But I want to be sure that the core is
well understood and well tested by participants in a 'profile' InterOp.

I tend to share this view point.

Nevertheless I appreciate Stefan's idea to re-invite the former profile
editors! It may be a good time to bring attention back to DSS-X now the
we'll do an InterOp and the specification is implemented by a growing
number of parties. So let's see how the editors react. If someone is
going to rejoin the TC it would be nice to see an InterOp spec for any

i.e. the TC will determine when and which profiles participate but is open to suggestions from re-newed tc members ;-?)

I like that.

All the best,

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