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Subject: Groups - TestSuiteCoverage_v3.1 uploaded

Submitter's message
Dear all,

I have uploaded a version 3.1 of the TestSuiteCoverage. It adds two test cases for AddTimeStamp in CMS Signatures. Now, we should make some few decissions whether it makes sense to add some test cases for AddTimeStamp in XML and other ones related to keySelector and claimedIdentity, for having a soundful set of test cases for SignRequest.

We then could try to identify some VerifyRequest if within the scope and we would have it.


Juan Carlos.
-- Juan Cruellas
Document Name: TestSuiteCoverage_v3.1

No description provided.
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Submitter: Juan Cruellas
Group: OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC
Folder: Interoperability Tests
Date submitted: 2013-07-08 08:10:27

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