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Subject: Regarding ETSI SR 003 186

Hi Juan Carlos,

regardless of the fun and the important socializing aspects of a
get-together type of InterOp events I would always start with the focus
on an 24/7 online test infrastructure. When ETSI is targeting for
world-wide acceptance of their standards I would see problems for e.g.
Japanese or Brazilian participants to join a lengthy  InterOp event
where working starts from scratch. At least the baseline tests (e.g.
Spec conformance) should be doable remotely.

The list of specifications mentioned in chapter 5.1, table 1, dtmo split
in two major groups:

- format definitions like CAdES
The artifacts from different systems can be stored on a 'drop-box-alike'
infrastructure, like the one we saw in the ETSI presentation. It's
completely sufficient to upload own files or download other groups files
for examination.

- service definitions like 'Trusted Lists', where a client and a server
interoperate (here in a very simple way).

DSS is an example of a service with complex interaction between client
and server. We already discussed the possible test scenarios like
clients connecting to a list of registered servers 'under test'. I don't
know all the specifications mentioned in chapter 5.1, table 1, but I
think a service oriented test infrastructure would be useful for ETSI
anyway. E.g. the Introduction mentioned 'mobile signing'. This topic
surely is more about services and connectivity, not just about a
document definition.

So my feedback to this draft is:

Add an automated Conformance and InterOp stage!

Regarding the DSS test infrastructure: I'm currently in contact with
primekey to build an automatic CA infrastructure setup with vagrant/puppet.



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