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Subject: Re: [dss-x] DSS-X Conference Call #166

Unfortunately I cannot attend the meeting at 18:00, due to unforeseen circumstances.


Ernst Jan

Op 4 jul. 2016 om 19:21 heeft OASIS Open <workgroup_mailer@lists.oasis-open.org> het volgende geschreven:

Event Title: DSS-X Conference Call #166

Date: Monday, 05 September 2016, 06:00pm to 07:00pm CEST

Call will be established by co-chairs through skype.
If participating for the first time, please send skype id to co-chairs by private e-mail.
Note: Due to partial non-accessibility of skype-chat-service:
Please use our alternate chat room at http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/dss-x



1. Welcome by the chair (Juan Carlos Cruellas)

2. Minutes taker

All write into the chat, Stefan assembles and uploads into document area.

3. Roll call

4. Approval of the agenda

5. Approval of minutes

5.1 Meeting minutes of #166 on 2016-JUL-04
URL="" href="https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/58448/dssx-165-draft-minutes-shagen-20160704.txt">https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/58448/dssx-165-draft-minutes-shagen-20160704.txt

6. Core and Profile Maintenance

6.1 Local Signature Profile

AP => SH to contact Frank and kindly request information on status of implementation
      and how to receive feedback

6.2 Profile for Comprehensive Multi-Signature Verification Reports

6.2.1 Open Action Items from Previous Call(s)

AP => All add any comments on the profile to this agenda.

Any updates on this?

6.3 Core

6.3.1 Open Action Items from Previous Call(s)

AP => All members will review the change and errata document provided in Documents/Core and propose any additions that 
      needs consideration.

7. New Profile Candidates

7.1 PAdES

7.1.1 Open Action Items from Previous Call(s)

7.1.2 Review of Changes in Document / Discussion

7.2 Server Site Profile for JEE Code Signing

7.2.1 Open Action Items from Previous Call(s)

7.2.2 Review of Changes in Document / Discussion

8. AOB

9. Next meeting 

Suggested is 2016-SEP-19


Owner: Mr. Stefan Hagen
Group: OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC
Sharing: This event is shared with the OASIS Open (General Membership), and General Public groups. Public Event Link

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